Black Obsidian Comb
Black Obsidian Comb
Black Obsidian Comb

Black Obsidian Stimulating Head Scalp Massage

By using it daily, it helps in relaxing your scalp and promote good vibes throughout your hair.


Black Obsidian Crystal

Properties of the Black Obsidian Stone:

Known as the “psychic vacuum cleaner” it is believed to protect against fear, anxiety and anger. May strengthen the connection to the healing process and improves positive energy.


Gently massage on the head.


Keep out of reach of children. Made from fragile crystal – Do not drop.

Weight: Weight: 126 +- gr
Launched: 2019

Length: 11.2 +- cm
Width: 5.5 cm
Thickness: 1 -= cm


245.00 QAR

+ Delivery