Juicy Melons

A delicate sweetness of melon infused with orange rinds and green pear, with a luscious twist of spearmint and ginger root.

Top: Spearmint
Middle: Cucumber
Bottom: Melon

Spearmint, Orange Rinds, Cucumber, Green Pear, Melon, Ginger Root

Each candle is hand poured with coconut oil into violet glass miron jars. This process combines the essence of alchemy and is a traditional method that can be traced back to ancient Egyptian civilisation to keep valuable natural products preserved. 

Weight: 16 oz.
Burning time: 60 hours
Launched: 2022

Height: 91,0 ± 1,0 mm = 9.1 cm
Diameter: 74,0 +1,2 / -0,8 mm = 7.4 cm

195.00 QAR

+ Delivery