Purple Fields

Made from hand-poured non-GMO soy wax, this candle will keep the aura of your home smelling of fresh Lavender.

This refreshing and mind-clearing scent that will calm your senses, and revitalize your mind and body, while keeping you inspired.

Top: Lavender
Middle: Carnation
Bottom: Tonka

Celery, Herbal, Lavender, Anise, Carnation, Rosewood, Tonka

Each candle is hand poured with coconut oil into violet glass miron jars. This process combines the essence of alchemy and is a traditional method that can be traced back to ancient Egyptian civilisation to keep valuable natural products preserved. 

Weight: 16 oz.
Burning time: 60 hours
Launched: 2022

Height: 91,0 ± 1,0 mm = 9.1 cm
Diameter: 74,0 +1,2 / -0,8 mm = 7.4 cm

195.00 QAR

+ Delivery